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Patel Manufacturing Company


Sugarcane Crusher

Patel Manufacturing Company is the leading sugarcane crusher supplier in India. We are leading because of the innovating and functionalities of the machines that we manufacture and supply. Sugarcane is used for different purposes in different industries. One of the reasons why it is highly demanded in the market is that it provides juice that has lots of supplements. The crusher that we manufacture is used to take out the juice and then remove the jaggery.

We are the number one sugarcane crusher machine manufacturer in Rajkot, Gujarat. We manufacture machines according to the needs of our customers and clients. We are here to satisfy the needs of all our clients and therefore the machines that we provide are of amazing quality and has great strength. Our sugarcane crushers have an amazing finish and are made with good quality raw materials. These can serve the needs of all our clients without fail.

Our company is tagged as the best automatic sugarcane crusher manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. This is possible because of the excellent features. Some are as follows:

• Quality approved product

• Engineered products with great innovation

• Products offered at a reasonable cost

• Excellent strength and capacity

• Superior finish.

We also provide on-time delivery services to our clients. Trust us as we are the best Sugarcane crusher exporter. For any question, call us and we will answer all your questions until all your doubts are clear.


Jaggery Plant

Patel Manufacturing Company is based in Rajkot, Gujarat. We are one of the best jaggery plant supplier in India. We manufacture the product in our company and make sure that it is top-class and superior in quality.

Jaggery is made using the sugarcane and the process of extracting the juice from the basic raw material is very difficult. This is the reason why you should get our machines. These are designed to reduce the labour and get fine quality jaggery as a product in the end. We are a well-known organic jaggery plant manufacturer in Gujarat.

We have adopted new and the latest technologies and techniques to manufacture our machines. These machines have great capacity and strength and will increase the production our your company. We are the best commercial jaggery plant supplier in the market today due to the products and services that we supply.

Why Choose Jaggery Plant From Us?

Our company is recognised as one of the best automatic jaggery plant exporter. We have been in this industry for years and have continuously provided quality assured products to our customers. We have an excellent team who carries out the stringent quality tests. With their help, we are counted and the top jaggery plant manufacturer in India.

Therefore call us and order our products like 35 TCD jaggery plant online and get it delivered on time.


Sugarcane Juice Machine

In sugarcane juice, you will find a lot of nutrients which are essential for the body. The nutrients that you get are calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, thiamine, zinc, riboflavin and many amino acids. People also love to have sugarcane juice because of its great taste. At Patel Manufacturing Company, Gujarat, you will get the best sugarcane juice machines. We are the leading Sugarcane juice machine manufacturer in India.

The machines that we manufacture help in taking out the juice from the sugarcane without losing the nutrients in it. All the essential nutrients remain intact and provide great health benefits. Some are:

Increases Your Energy

Being the best sugarcane juice machine supplier, we provide our customers and clients with the best machines that don’t destroy the good nutrients. Drinking the juice that is produced you will get instant merger. This is because sugarcane juice has natural sucrose which will give you the exact amount of energy that is needed to start your day.


This property of the juice is important to keep infections away. This will help you to prevent urinary tract infection and also the burning sensation while you urinate.

This is not the end there are other benefits as well of using our machines in your factories. We are known as the best sugarcane juice machine exporter because we supply products always on time.

Order our machines through our websites. Call us to know more about our export and supply policies. Our clients are happy and satisfied with our products and services and have made us number one sugarcane juice machine supplier in India.


Sugarcane Juice Extractor

Double Mill Sugarcane Crusher

Are you looking for the best double mill sugarcane crusher? You are certainly in the right place. At Patel Manufacturing Company we have the best machines for our customers and clients. Our company manufactures and supplies amazing machines that are assembled using the best raw materials and parts from reliable and trusted vendors and dealers.

We have integrated sound engineering principles in our mill sugarcane crusher. These are manufactured in compliance with industrial standards. The motor that is used in these machines is top-class and powerful. These are specially designed for the heavy-duty crushing work in the jaggery and sugar industry.

We are the best double mill sugarcane crusher manufacturer and we guarantee that this machine will provide greater output along with higher extraction rate with the advanced mechanism. It also has a long life and capacity to bear with the heavy load.


We are the best double mill sugarcane crusher exporter in India. Our products have great features. Some are:

• Amazing crushing capacity

• Ensures safe and uniform crushing

• Double coupling arrangement.

• Amazing rigidity and heavy-duty design

• Stainless steel with the contact parts

• The speed of the crushing is adjustable.

• The quality of the juice that is extracted is good. There are no traces of oil and grease.

Our products are 100% genuine and top-class. Our customers appreciate the quality and high performance of our products to a great extend. Call us and order our products as we are the best double mill sugarcane crusher supplier.


Jaggery Moulds

Do you want to get Jaggery mould? Here we are. Patel Manufacturing Company is the best jaggery mould manufacturer based in Gujarat, India. The products that we supply are made with superior quality materials and contemporary technology. The process of manufacturing takes place under the guidance of our experts and professionals who are highly skilled and have set high-quality standards.

We have gained the position of trusted jaggery mould manufacturer in India because of the products that we sell. The jaggery mould that we have for you is known for its features. Some are:

• Rustproof

• Weatherproof

• High quality

• Reliability

• Durability

• Robust construction

• Low maintenance

• High-performance ability

We are also known as the best jaggery mould exporter in Rajkot, Gujarat and we supply products to our customers according to their needs and specifications. The jaggery mould that we offer can also be customised according to your needs. All you need to do is come and tell us your requirements and we will develop the best machine to fulfil all your needs.

We have been in this industry for years and we understand what our clients demand. We provide them with certified products and services that are convenient and comfortable. Our company follows strict delivery rules and therefore stand one among the jaggery mould supplier in India.


Sugar Crystallizer

The sugar crystallizer that we manufacture is widely used by our customers. We supply our products to almost all parts of the country and also in other countries as well. This is the reason why Patel Manufacturing Company is known as the best sugar crystallizer supplier in India.

Crystallization is a process in which the sugarcane juice is slowly and steadily stirred and they are made to cool from a pan dropping temperature to the atmosphere temperature. With the cooling, the solubility of the sugar starts to reduce and it is crystallised.

The process of crystallisation is done by the crystallizers that we manufacture and produce. We make sure that the machines are of top-class superiority and are inspected by our experts before we supply. We are said to be the best sugar crystallizer manufacturer in Gujarat, India.

Why Choose Machines From Us?

The machines that you get from our company are amazing. We assemble them using good quality raw materials and better parts. Our infrastructure is built with the latest technologies and equipment which helps us to develop machines that are up to the mark and match international standard quality. Also, we export our products to almost all parts of the world. These are highly in demand and our customers are satisfied with the products that we supply.

These are also the reason why we have gained such popularity in the market as the best sugar crystalliser exporter in India. Without any delay call us to get our products delivered at your doorstep.


Sugarcane Loader

Sugarcane Juice Extraction Machine

Sugarcane Bagasse Dryer

Sugarcane Cutting Knives

We are a Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Sugarcane Cutting Knives from Gujarat, Rajkot. Sugarcane Cutting Knives are fitted with sharp stainless steel blades that ensure fine cutting of hard sugar cane.

Sugar Dryer

The sugar dryer is found in many sugar-producing industries. It is stationary equipment that has pans of various capacities and also a system to catch dust. We at Patel Manufacturing Company have listed amazing sugar dryers for our clients and customers from all over the world. We are voted as number one sugar dryer suppliers in India.

The sugar dryers that we have for you provides effective methods of drying and relatively free-flowing particles with a reasonably narrow size of the particle distribution. Generally, the sugar dryer beds operate on a through the bed flow pattern along with a hot passing air through the product that is perpendicular to the travel direction. From the same section, the dried product is discharged. Patel manufacturing company is therefore the best sugar dryer manufacturer in Gujarat.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Our Sugar Dryers?

Being one of the well-known sugar dryer exporters we make sure that our machines are beneficial for your industry. Some advantages of using our products are:

  • The extremely high rate of heat transfer with instant evaporation.

  • Continuous/batch flow material is also possible

  • The moisture is reduced from 1.5% to almost to a range of 0.02-0.03%.

  • Low maintenance

  • No hopper and complete stationary moments during crystal breaking.


Therefore without wasting any time longer, contact us and get products from the reliable and trusted sugar dryer supplier in India.


Other Products

  • Jaggery Cooking Pan

    Material : Steel

    Color : Silver

    Fnishing : Coated

    Size : 5 feet dia, 6 feet dia

    Usage : Cooking

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    Jaggery Cooking Pan

  • Jaggery Cooling Pan

    Material : Stainless Steel

    Design Type : Standard

    Finishing : Polish

    Pan Size : 74” x 38” x 10.5”

    Trolly Size : 75” X 39” X 12”

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    Jaggery Cooling Pan

  • MS Cane Carrier

    Material : MS

    Pitch : 50 - 320mm

    Weight : 80 Kg

    Power Source : Electric

    Voltage : 220-240V

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    MS Cane Carrier

  • Sugar Centrifugal Machine

    Weight : 100-500kg

    Voltage : 230V

    Automatic Grade : Automatic

    Power : 1-3kw

    Features : Easy To Operate, Good Capacity

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    Sugar Centrifugal Machine

  • MS Gear Box

    Orientation : Horizontal , Vertical

    Mounting : Foot

    Input (rpm or ratio) : 110

    Material : MS

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    MS Gear Box

  • Sugarcane Bud Chipper
    We are one of the esteemed Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Sugarcane Bud Chipper. With this Sugarcane Bud Chipper, the user gets bud size and bud clearance adjustment option. We use the finest materials and component to manufacture these chippers.

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    Sugarcane Bud Chipper

  • Sugarcane Harvester

    Application : Sugarcane Cutting

    Weight : 50-200Kg

    Automatic Grade : Semi Automatic

    Warranty : 1yr

    Blade Length : 0-300mm

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    Sugarcane Harvester

  • Sugarcane Grader
    We are a prominent Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Sugarcane Grader, based in Gujarat. Sugarcane Grader is made of iron and other metals that ensure sturdiness and high compressive strength. Further, Sugarcane Grader is coated with paint, which keeps it protected from corrosion and effects

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    Sugarcane Grader

  • sugarcane grabber

    Features : Fine Quality, Durable

    Power : 1-3kw

    Voltage : 220V

    Automatic Grade : Fully Automatic

    Driven Type : Electric

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    sugarcane grabber

  • Bucket Elevator
    We are one of the renowned manufacturers, offering a wide array of Bucket Elevator for sugar industry. Due to their high productivity rate and modernistic features, these Bucket Elevators are highly appreciated and demanded in sugar mills.

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    Bucket Elevator

  • Hydraulic Jaw Crusher
    Kailash Trading Company is an established Hydraulic Jaw Crusher Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier. We offer wide range of Jaw Crushers. Our range of Jaw Crushers is appreciated for its tensile strength and long life.

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    Hydraulic Jaw Crusher

  • Sugarcane Leaf Stripper

    Kailash Trading Company is counted among prominent Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Sugarcane Leaf Stripper. Our Sugarcane Leaf Stripper is widely preferred for its simple structure, light-weight, good performance, and easy movement.

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    Sugarcane Leaf Stripper

  • Portable Digital Refractometer
    We are offering premium quality Portable Digital Refractometer to our clients. Our Portable Digital Refractometer is demanded by various clients and we cater to their needs at competitive prices. Our Portable Digital Refractometer is an outcome of advanced technology and superior quality

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    Portable Digital Refractometer

  • Sugarcane Juice Boiling Pan
    We bring forward Sugarcane Juice Boiling Pan for the clients from sugar sector. Sugarcane Juice Boiling Pan has 5 feet round MS plate, 1 feet border, 4 heavy handle. The design of Sugarcane Juice Boiling Pan ensures no spillage of sugar cane juice while stirring.

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    Sugarcane Juice Boiling Pan

  • Jaggery Powder Dryer

    Automatic Grade : Semi-Automatic

    Material : Steel

    Voltage : 380 V

    Frequency : 50/60 HZ

    Phase : Three Phase

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    Jaggery Powder Dryer