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Method Of Preparing Jaggery

Posted by Admin on August, 30, 2021

Jaggery is a natural sweetener that is used for many purposes. People also consume it raw as it is extremely good for the overall health. Jaggery is extensively used in alcoholic and Ayurvedic medicines and drinks. Moreover, in many food processing industries, jaggery is used to make toffee, confectionary items, chewing gums, chocolates and much more. But what is important is the right way to prepare jaggery. In this article, you will learn the right steps to prepare jaggery.

Right Methods To Make Jaggery

Jaggery is a natural product which is obtained from sugarcane. This is a great source of sugar, vitamins and minerals. Around 36% of the total production of Sugarcane in India is used for making jaggery. Today India contributes to 60% of the world’s total jaggery production.

Choose the best jaggery plant supplier in India and source the products from them. Below are the steps that they follow to make jaggery.

When to start Preparing Jaggery?

From November to April, you can start making jaggery. These months are the best time for the preparation.
There are four different steps of making jaggery. They are as follows:
• Extraction of juice.
• Cleaning the juice.
• Juice condensation
• Cut It Into Pieces
The renowned commercial jaggery plant supplier in India also follows these four steps for preparing jaggery that has amazing taste and texture. Read through to know more about the steps in details.

Extraction of Juice

For making jaggery the two-third part of the sugarcane is used by the manufacturers and producers. This is because the amount of sucrose in the lower parts of the sugarcane is more. Within the 24 hours of sugarcane cutting and cleaning, you have to extract the juice from it. Use a muslin cloth to sieve the juice and also remove all the useless and unwanted particles from the sugarcane juice. This way you will get pure and clean juice.

Cleaning The Juice

The second thing that you need to do after you have extracted the juice from the sugarcane is cleaning. One of the commonly used cleansers for sugarcane juice is Okra. The producers prepare a dense solution using this to clean the juice. For 24 hours the barks are soaked in water. After 24 hours, the barks are then rubbed to make a greasy solution with which the juice is cleaned. This helps in dissolving the unwanted elements and substances like nitrogen-rich elements and other coloured substances from the extract.

Juice Condensation

After cleaning the juice the next step is condensation. In this process, the juice is transferred in a pot. After the pot is filled one-third with the juice, it is put on a very slow heat. This will allow the juice to reach the temperature around eight-five degree Celsius. Even after cleaning if there are still unwanted substance, it will start to rise from the juice in this process. Soon the juice will turn into foam and will become dark brown. Keep the juice in normal temperature and let it settle.

Cut It Into Pieces

After you have kept the juice in normal temperature the brown liquid will start to take the shape of clay or wooden utensil in which it is kept. After it is cold, you can cut it into the shapes and pieces you like.

The automatic jaggery plant exporters prepare their products following the steps above. Therefore follow these steps and prepare the best jaggery.

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