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How To Choose The Best Jaggery Mould?

Posted by Admin on June, 17, 2022

Are you wondering to choose the finest Jaggery mould? Don't worry, they offer you the best Jaggery mould. Choose to deal with Jaggery mould manufacturers that provide superior quality Jaggery moulds with the latest technology. Their high-skilled professionals supervise the process of manufacturing and product quality Jaggery. Let's have a look at various types and sizes of Jaggery moulds.

There are different types of Jaggery moulds- 20 grams of Jaggery moulds, 200 grams of Jaggery moulds, 250 grams of Jaggery moulds, 500 grams of Jaggery moulds, and 1 kg of Jaggery moulds.

20 grams of Jaggery moulds are manufactured up of SS304 material grade. It is square and found in cubes form. It is polished and its unique characteristic is that it is organic. 342 numbers moulds are set up in frames each of which is 23.5"x22" in size. The dimension of every mould is 1"x1"x1".

200 grams of Jaggery moulds are framed, polished, and manufactured up of SS 304 material grade. 105 numbers moulds are set up in frames each of which is 35.5"x31.5" in size. The dimension of each mould is 4"x2"x1.25".

250 grams of Jaggery moulds are timber, manual, and organic. It is square. There are only 12 numbers of total moulds in frames every one of which is 27.5"x16.75". The size of all moulds is 2.75"x2.25"x2".

500 grams of Jaggery moulds are timber and organic and manually processed. There are 24 numbers of total moulds in frames every one of which is 27.5"x15.5" in dimension. The dimension of each mould is 4.75"x 2.75"x2".

1 kg of Jaggery moulds is organic and timber. This kind of Jaggery mould originated in India. There are 12 numbers of moulds in frames every one of which is 25.25"x15.5" in dimensions. The Dimension of each mould is 5.5"x4.75"x2".

Choose to deal with the leading Jaggery Mould Manufacturer in India.

Uses Of Jaggery Mould

Jaggery moulds are used to make Jaggery from sugarcane juice. Let's debate how Jaggery is made by Jaggery moulds.

Jaggery Manufacturing Process

  • Eradication is the process of eradicating sweet juice from sugarcane through machines.
  • Keep the sweet juice in large containers and permit the residue to settle at the bottom of the containers. Clarification is a method to produce a clear liquid.
  • After that, place the clear liquid in enormous flat-bottomed pans and boil for hours. Stir steadily until the juice becomes a dough-like thick paste. This process is called concentration.
  • Then pour the paste into jaggery moulds. Allow it to cool and become hard. The colour of jaggery becomes light or dark brown based on the grade of sugarcane juice.

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Choose to deal with the best manufacturer and supplier of the best quality jaggery mould but also they are Jaggery Mould Exporter too. Thus while selecting a jaggery mould, keep in mind the above-mentioned points and get the finest quality jaggery mould.

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