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Double Mill Sugarcane Crusher

Posted by Admin on July, 02, 2021

A sugarcane mill is a kind of factory that processes sugarcane to manufacture raw or white sugar. The term is also variably used to point to the equipment that pulverizes the sugarcane sticks to extract the juice. A huge number of machines like the Double Mill Sugarcane Crusher are used to extract the juice.

History of the Sugarcane Mill

The first sugarcane mills in the Indian subcontinent first came into extensive use in the 13th and 14th centuries when the sugar production increased. Back in those days, the draw bar was used for sugar milling. With the onset of the 17th century, the principle of rollers and worm gearing came into use. Sugar mills in India date back to ancient times and are not a new thing.


Brazil leads the global production of sugarcane with India following a close second followed by China and Thailand. With India being second in production of the crop it naturally becomes a huge producer of sugar. In such a country, Double Mill Sugarcane Crusher is of huge importance.
To augment the increase in sugar production, innumerable companies are into manufacturing giving rise to Double Mill Sugarcane Crusher Manufacturer all over the country.

Processing of Sugarcane

The raw sugarcane undergoes a number of steps before it turns into the refined sugar that we get in the markets. After the sugarcane is received and unloaded, it is shred and cut for the juice extraction process which is done either by milling or diffusion. After this juice is extracted all impurities are removed by the process of clarification and then evaporated to obtain the concentrated syrup.

This syrup is again put through the clarification process and then crystallized. Centrifugation then separates the sugar crystals from the mother liquor after which it is dried. Finally the brown or raw sugar is packed and delivered.

White Sugar Production

Brown or raw sugar is not what the customer consumes. To get the mill white sugar or plantation white sugar it has to go through yet another process often termed the colour removal process or “sulphitation” often done between the juice clarification and evaporation stages. Sugar refining is done either at an entirely separate factory or at a back-end refinery bound to the main raw sugar factory.

Sugarcane Crushing Mill

A sugarcane crushing mill is a machine with three rollers which are grooved and fitted with Donnelly type of chutes which feed the fibred cane to the mill. The mills are fitted with cast steel trash plate which is supported by heavy steel brackets which are adjusted by means of tie rod. For good quality machines a Double Mill Sugarcane Crusher Supplier can be contacted.

The double mill sugarcane crusher is the latest machine that is available in the market. They are fitted with the best machinery parts to give maximum production in today’s competitive market. A Double Mill Sugarcane Crusher Exporter is a person who is competent enough to guide you on the aspects of the machinery, its uses and the best quality products that can help the mill owner to stay afloat in the tough market.

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